Plantas asfálticas Marini Magnum 140 mobile asphalt mixing plant * NEW *

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Título : Marini Magnum 140 mobile asphalt mixing plant * NEW *
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new Marini Magnum 140 mobile asphalt mixing plant

year: 2017
capacity: up to 140 t./h
1 year guarantee

- calorific power of the fuel 9,600 kcal / kg;
- material passing through the #8 (2,38mm) sieve is no more than 20%;
- The equipment was developed in order to facilitate the transportation as much as possible without the need of pilot cars. Simply hook up the equipment to the asphalt binding agent storage and fuel system.
- Chassis is built with a highly resistant I-Beam with a forged king pin, 3 axles with special tires, suspension springs, air brakes, tank, and safety valve, highway signaling system, mechanical foot with telescopic support.
Quadruple feed bin (two-by-two) with 3,80mm wide opening and a capacity of 6m3, completely designed to support the strains during the unloading of materials. Regulated floodgate for flow of aggregates.
- Automatic vibrator system for one bin, which facilitates the flowing of fine aggregates with high humidity ratios in one of the bins.
- Feeding belts with 20" wide canvas supported by 4" rollers in "V" with permanent lubrication. The gear box is hooked directly to the drum shaft. Drums are regulated with oscillating and shielded bearings. 3-hp electric motor.
- Conveyor belt in U-Beam, 24 wide canvas supported by 4 rollers in V shielded rollers actuated by a 7.5hp electric motor.
- Sieve with a screen for eliminating oversized materials.
- Drum dryer and mixer with heat insulation, four driven supports rollers made of high carbon steel driven by gear box, electric motor 15hp.
- rotational external mixer
- burner with fuel spraying by gear pump 12.000.000 Kcal/h
- Dry filtering system that consists of dust collecting system
- Control system Sistex

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