Bomba de hormigón Putzmeister P 13 DMR KA 230

Tipo de anuncio : Venta / Oferta
Nº de Referencia : 86774
Marca : Putzmeister
Modelo : P 13 DMR KA 230
Estado : nuevo
Año : 2016
Horas : 1 h
Capacidad : 5 m³/h
Precio (Sin IVA) : 24 000 €
Comentarios :
Putzmeister Anhängerpumpe mit Mischer
P 13 DMR KA 230
Mit Hatz 2 Zyl. Dieselmotor mit neuem KA 230 Pumpensystem.

The famous piston pump P13 - a powerful solution especially for site mix applications

The piston pump P13 processes all kinds of locally available plaster sands up to 10mm aggregate size.
Use your regular plaster sand and apply your own material mix with the P13. Take advantage of the big plastering capacity by benefiting from inexpensive material costs.
The P13 is an extremely reliable low-maintenance machine for quicker more consistent results and better quality than manual processing
The double piston pump P13 is the perfect mixing, pumping and spraying unit for toughest operations.
It is the best solution for processing job site mixes or other mortars with up to maximum 8mm (version KA139, with pistons diameter 90mm) or even 10mm grain size (version KA230 with 100mm piston diameter and bigger valve housing for more difficult plaster sand grading and mixtures).

Whether grouting, filling, spraying, plastering, injecting or leveling, the P13 covers a huge variety of applications.

Besides site mixes made of local plastering sand, cement and/or lime with water, any common preblended dry mortars like lime mortar, lime-cement or cement mortars, grouts, insulation mortars, bentonite, masonry mortars, fine concrete 0-8mm max. grain size, etc. can be applied

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